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Flight from 173 € Round trip*

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Turkey, a mosaic of cultures and landscapes

Between the East and Europe, Turkey has a rich a mixed heritage of 10,000 years of history, and natural landscapes to take your breath away. Bordered by four oceans, its shores are home to stunning beaches. Its heritage, of Anatolia by the Black Sea, reflects the mosaic of cultures, which made the history of this country so inexhaustibly rich.

Taking a flight to Istanbul, is to open the doors on a country which resembles a continent. The city itself is proof, with its many splendours, of the different civilisations that have shaped the soul and history of the country. One by one Greek, Roman, then Ottoman, the former Constantinople is a world-city, where its history lies in the monuments. Byzantine churches rub shoulders with mosques, and the city's sky is studded with cupolas and minarets, above the Bosphorus Bridge. Go and discover the treasures of the city, with the help of travel guide on Turkey. Do not miss Topkapi the Sultan's former palace, the Blue Mosque with its cascading cupolas, or Sultanahmet, a former Byzantine stronghold.

During your trip to Turkey, go off and discover the prestigious ancient cities of Ephesus and Aphrodisias and their superb archaeological sites. Unique settings await you, similar to Cappadocia, with its fascinating landforms, sculpted by the wind on its volcanic earth. In these lunar landscapes, look out for the wonders that are around you: churches decorated with ancient frescoes, villages carved into the cliffs, rocks in the shape of chimneys.

The shores of the Aegean Sea are renowned for the resorts and beaches they harbour. Some small coastal towns like Foca, have managed to preserve their traditional charm. And throughout your stay in Turkey, you will have the pleasure of tasting the varied and cross-bred cuisine, a reflection of the country.