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Every year, numerous holidays are celebrated in Papeete.

Below are the main dates for these festivities:

1st January: New Year (national)

The opportunity to experience the Tere Fā'ati the annual Polynesian ritual of shared happiness. Programme: Island tour in ‘trucks' (traditional bus covered with flowers), music, dance, swimming, food tasting and local fruits.

5 March: Day of the Gospel or Day of the Missionaries (local)

Religious festival and public holiday in French Polynesia, commemorating the arrival of Protestant missionaries from the London Missionary Society in Matavai Bay (5 March 1797).

28 March: Easter Monday (national)

Christian religious festival whose date varies. On the programme: chocolate treasure hunt in the city, games and workshops for children.

28 April: Commemoration of the arrival of the Bounty (Bounty Day)

Large annual gathering: descendants of the Bounty mutineers, the British frigate that landed on April 28, 1789, gather on the island of Tubuai. Books and archival footage tell the story of the first Europeans who arrived on the island.

1st May: Labour Day (national)

Holiday in all French territories.

8 May: Victory of 1945 (national)

May 8, 1945 was the date of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany and the end of World War II in Europe.

29 June: Day of autonomy (local)

This civil celebration in French Polynesia is the day in 1880 when King Pomare V donated his States to France.

14 July: French national holiday (national)

Soldiers and officials parade to celebrate the storming of the Bastille and the end of the French monarchy. July 14 in Papeete is also the occasion for the Heiva i Tahiti celebrations. On the programme: songs and traditional dances in honour of the island.

1st November: All soul's day (national)

The custom of All Saints (Turamara'a) is required under the sun. This is the day when the Tahitians pay homage to their ancestors. The graves are flowered, and brightened with paint or white sand.

11 November : Armistice of 1918 (national)

The 1918 Armistice ended the fighting in the First World War, the victory of France and the defeat of Germany.

25 December: Christmas (national)

The Christmas holidays are celebrated all over the island, houses are decorated and the children eagerly await the opening of their presents. A large Christmas market is held in downtown Papeete.

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Located in the north of Tahiti, Papeete has a very mild tropical climate. The trade winds blow a constant and pleasant temperature. Both seasons of the island (wet and dry) are temperate with little variation. The average annual temperature in Papeete is 80.6°F.

Month Min. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Max. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Average Rains (MM) Best Time to Travel
January 23 / 73.4 33 / 91.4 251 / 9,88 Not the best period to go
February 23 / 73.4 33 / 91.4 243 / 9,56 Not the best period to go
March 23 / 73.4 33 / 91.4 423 / 16,6 Not the best period to go
April 23 / 73.4 33 / 91.4 141 / 5,55 Not the best period to go
May 22 / 71.6 32 / 89.6 101 / 3,98 Not the best period to go
June 22 / 71.6 31 / 87.8 75 / 2,95 Good period to go Good period to go
July 21 / 69.8 31 / 87.8 52 / 2,05 Good period to go Good period to go
August 21 / 69.8 31 / 87.8 42 / 1,65 Good period to go Good period to go
September 22 / 71.6 31 / 87.8 52 / 2,05 Good period to go Good period to go
October 22 / 71.6 32 / 89.6 88 / 3,46 Good period to go Good period to go
November 23 / 73.4 32 / 89.6 149 / 5,87 Not the best period to go
December 23 / 73.4 32 / 89.6 248 / 9,76 Not the best period to go
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The Tahiti International Airport of Fa'a'ā is located about 5 km southeast of Papeete.

3 terminals:

  • T1
  • T2
  • T international (Air France)


Getting to and from the airport to Papeete:
  • By car
    From the airport of Tahiti Fa'a'a, it takes about 15 minutes to reach the city centre of Papeete via Pouvanaa a Oopa Avenue.
    At the airport, two parking lots are available to travellers: 1 for long-term parking and 1 for medium-term parking. Count 150 XPF between 20 minutes and 1 hour; 300 XPF between 1 hour and 2 hours.
    Many car rental companies are present at the T1 (the domestic terminal) near the taxi stand. Rates from 5,500 XPF / day.
  • Bus/Truck
    Bus lines run at a frequency of 20 minutes from the airport to downtown Papeete. It costs about 200 XPF. An increase of 50 to 70% applies between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., and on Sundays and holidays.
    For buses and ‘trucks', the stop is in front of the international terminal, across the parking lot.
  • Taxi
    A taxi stand is located at the exit of T1 (the domestic terminal). The drive from the airport to the centre of Papeete lasts between 7 and 10 minutes and costs about 2,000 XPF.

Bars and restaurants, boutiques, free WiFi access, luggage storage.

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The car is the ideal mode of transport to explore the island, though some sites are not accessible by vehicle, at which point it is possible to rent a bike or even a horse. Public transportation exists but unfortunately they are not widespread and poorly organised; buses and trucks, however, are the most commonly used means of transport by the population. Hitchhiking is also very common.

By car

The best way to travel around Tahiti is by car. You can rent one without problems, at your hotel or guesthouse, or with one of the big name car rental agencies.
Public parking facilities are available all around the centre.


Twenty bus lines serve the city and outlying areas. The buses have no specific stops; just make a sign to the driver and they will pick you up. The main station is located right in downtown Papeete, in front of the Bank of Tahiti. A ticket costs about 200 XPF.
‘Trucks', for their part, are a typical means of transport in the Pacific Islands. They are colourful bus trucks equipped to transport about forty passengers. For reasons of safety and pollution, the government has decided to gradually replace them with buses.
Additional information from the Department of Land Transport (www.transports-terrestres.pf)


There are many taxi ranks in Papeete. There is 1,000 XPF on the metre when you get in and 130 XPF per km.

By boat

To visit an island (motu) or a pearl farm, you can hire an outboard skiff, small launches or even a pirogue that you can rent by the day locally. Apart from Tahiti and Moorea, ferries also connect some nearby islands.

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Visitor information

Once in Papeete, do not hesitate to connect with tourism professionals to advise you and organise your stay.

Office du Tourisme de Tahiti

Fare Manihini
Boulevard Pomare
BP 65
98713 Papeete
+689 40 50 40 30

Comité du Tourisme de Moorea

Club Bali Hai
98728 Moorea
+689 75 01 01 or +689 56 29 09

Comité du Tourisme de Bora Bora

BP 144
98730 Bora Bora

Comité du Tourisme de Nuku-Hiva

BP 32
98742 Nuku Hiva - Îles Marquises

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Currency and Exchange Rates

1 € = 119,33 XPF

1 XPF = 0,01 €

The above exchange rate is given for information because is variable.

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Medical information

Hospitals in Papeete are cheaper, but certainly less equipped than private clinics. Medical care is of good quality and the infrastructure are modern. For emergencies, call SOS Médecins on 42 34 56.


No vaccination is required to stay in Papeete, except for nationals from risk areas.
But it is better to be up to date with the universal vaccinations: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B.
Other recommended vaccinations:
- hepatitis A
- typhoid
- Possibly rabies.


For more information, contact your Air France centre for international vaccinations:


Beware of ‘ciguatera' food poisoning due to algae, which is contracted by consuming certain carnivorous fish from the lagoon. For more information: http://www.ciguatera-online.com/index.php/en/


Tap water is potable in Papeete and throughout Bora Bora island. It is however advisable to consume bottled water.

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Essential phrases

Here are a few basic French phrases that will make your stay in Tahiti a little easier:

Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon: Bonjour (morning)

Good evening: Bonsoir

Goodbye: Au revoir

Yes: Oui

No: Non

No, thank you: Non, merci

Thank you very much: Merci beaucoup

Please: S'il vous plaît

I don't understand: Je ne comprends pas

Could you repeat ?: Pouvez-vous répéter ?

What time is it ?: Quelle heure est-il ?

Sorry: Pardon
Excuse me: Excusez-moi

Airport: Aéroport

Train station: Gare

Taxi: Taxi

Hotel: Hôtel

Hospital: Hôpital

Bank: Banque

Telephone: Téléphone

I'm (…): Je suis (…)

I'm looking for (…): Je recherche (…)

How much is (…)?: Quel est le prix de (…) ?

Do you have (…)?: Avez-vous (…) ?

Where can I find (…)?: Où puis-je trouver (…) ?

Where can I buy (…)?: Où puis-je acheter (…) ?

I'd like (…): Je voudrais (…)

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Good to know

00 689 + number
00 33 + number without the ‘0'
-12 : 00
of time difference with
No time change

Usually open Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 12:00 and from 1:15 to 3:45.
Government offices
Usually open Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 3:30.
220V / 110V 60Hz

And what about tipping?

In restaurants and cafes, a supplement for servers is already included in the bill. However, as in France, it is customary to leave a tip when you are satisfied with the service.

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