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Authentic and fascinating Japan

A fascinating land, a distant archipelago, a refined culture: Japan is an attractive civilization at odds with the West. From the largest city in the world, Tokyo, to Mount Fuji, the fascinating archipelago confesses all its secrets.

Boarding a flight to Tokyo means choosing urban excess. This temple of modernity electrifies technology enthusiasts. Skyscrapers stand alongside old Yanaka district's traditional wooden houses and parks where an infinite serenity reigns. It creates a permanent stream of conflicting emotions. In order to get the humanity-filled spirituality of the population, you must stay in a Buddhist temple at Mount Koya. In order to grasp the Japanese art of living, travel guides to Japan advise you to take part in traditional festivities in Kyoto, city of Geisha and of the ancestral art of tea. From the samurai districts in Kanazawa, to Engaku-ji Temple in Kamakura, through the gastronomic capital of Osaka, Japan is appreciated for its rich and bewitching culture. And why not relax in the hot springs sources of Hakone, the famous onsen?

Nature lovers will explore Kume and Iriomote islands in Okinawa, Glover Park in Nagasaki and Mount Fuji, the epitome of Japan's quiet power. It becomes quite bucolic in spring, thanks to gorgeous blossoming cherry trees. Shiretoko vertiginous cliffs offer stunning hiking in Hokkaido. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the A-Bomb Dome are moving and essential step-overs for a duty of remembrance.

A ticket to Nara leads you to the birthplace of Japanese civilization. The original soul of the Land of the Rising Sun can be found in the remains of the small provincial town, home to the first Buddhist temple in Japan.