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Brasilia, the capital of tomorrow

Founded in 1960, the Brazilian capital is a vital step in understanding the Brazil of today. A trip to Brazil offers a spectacle of a city who found its identity between museums, night-life and nature excursions.

Since the arrival of a flight to Brasilia, the city has captured imaginations with its unique urbanism. Born during the 1950s positivism of President Kubitschek, backed by architects and renowned city planners, the city centre took the form of an airplane whose parliaments and ministries form the body, while the presidential office is the cockpit. You will appreciate the gigantic height of man: the bold and utopian structures follow one another, as in a large scale modern art exhibit.

But a trip to Brasilia quickly makes you forget about its gigantic scale, thanks to the warmth of its inhabitants. In the southern wing of the city, there are dozens of restaurants from around the world, the result of a typically Brazilian cosmopolitanism. At night, Brasilia also knows how to entertain: in addition to restaurants, several theatres and concert halls open their doors, like the Clube do Choro that vibrates to the sound e samba and jazz.

You move around effortlessly during your stay in Brasilia: the city is easy to wander around thanks to its well thought out transport network, and exemplary safety. Book a flight to Brasilia for access to natural wonders: besides the many parks that brighten up residential areas, the Brazilian capital is surrounded by an incredibly rich fauna and flora. The National Park of Brasilia, and that of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, will satisfy lovers of vegetation and exotic species.