Discount Pass

Terms and conditions applicable as of 2020, September 1st.

Use of the Discount Pass

The card is personal and non-transferable. It entitles the passholder to a special Discount Passholder fare that may be changed at any time or on any route, variable according to the routes and the base fares that apply to these routes, and a specific baggage allowance.
For the duration of its validity, the Discount Passholder can use the card to travel with a Discount Passholder fare on all Air France routes and those of its partners indicated on the website for which it has been contracted. All parts of the journey at the Discount Passholder fare must take place during the card’s period of validity. The baggage allowance dedicated to Discount passes is valid during the card's period of validity and if used jointly with the card.
For international flights with connecting flights solely within metropolitan France, the Discount Passholder fare may be combined with the international fare if the sum is more advantageous than the through fare. 
Tickets may only be issued by airlines that guarantee the fare or by approved travel agents. Travelers must present the card, accompanied by an ID at all checkpoints. Theft or loss of the card must be reported to Air France’s local representative.
Until a new card is issued, if the Discount Passholder’s identity can be confirmed by the information systems, he or she may continue to travel on the Discount Passholder fare. If the Discount Passholder’s identity cannot be confirmed, the Discount Passholder will be issued tickets at the applicable full fare and will be able to request a retroactive discount on used ticket stubs.
Any fraudulent use of the card will lead to the immediate confiscation of the card without prejudice to any ensuing legal proceedings.

The decision by the Discount Passholder to subscribe to a partner offer upon signing a Discount Passholder contract authorizes Air France to transmit to this partner the following personal information: last name, first name, professional telephone number, professional e-mail address.

Modification of the contract

By the carrier:

Any change to the program leading to an increase in flight frequency is to the benefit of the passenger.
Under no circumstances will the reduction of flight frequency, temporary or permanent, entitle the passholder to any card refund.

By the passenger:

Eight days notice will be required for any modification to the contract.
Contract modifications will only be allowed in case of an upgrade to a higher value contract.
The residual value of the initial contract will be calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the number of months used and the difference will be offset against the value of the new contract. A month is considered "used" as soon as it has begun.
In any case other than the one above, any contract modification will lead to the termination of the contract as described in the paragraph "Termination of the contract".

Termination of the contract

- By the carrier:

Any termination of a Discount Pass entitles the passholder to a refund based on the residual value of the card as calculated on a pro-rata basis of the months used. A month is considered "used" as soon as it has begun.
- By the passholder or purchaser:

1-year membership 

If the Discount Pass holder or purchaser’s termination request falls within 4 months of the enrolment date (a month is considered "used" as soon as it has begun), 35% of the card purchase price will be reimbursed in euros or Blue Credits.*
Refunds will only be issued to the purchaser. No refund is possible beyond 4 months after the enrolment date.

* Euro-issued Cards can only be refunded in Euros and Blue Credit-issued Cards can only be refunded in Blue Credits.

Flying Blue

Discount Pass holders will be automatically signed up for the AIR FRANCE KLM fidelity program if they are not already members. If you do not wish to enrol, simply check the box on the back of the form.

The Flying Blue program terms and conditions are available by request from Air France. Initial purchase of a Metropolitan France-Europe-North Africa or Antilles-Guiana-Reunion Discount Pass earns 2,500 bonus Miles and 20 XP (Experience Points). Renewal of the card within 90 days after the end of validity earns 5,000 bonus Miles and 20 XP. Purchase of the combined Antilles-Guiana-Reunion Discount Pass and France-Europe-North Africa Discount Pass earns 5,000 Miles and 40 XP. Renewal of the card within 90 days after the end of validity earns 10,000 bonus Miles and 40 XP. 

The XP (Experience Points) for intial purchase and renewal are credited on the Flying Blue account of the cardholder as of the Discount Pass’ start of  validity (visible on the account from 7 days after starting date).

Personal Data

Air France is responsible for the handling of personal data related to Discount Passholders, in accordance with French legislation with regards to Data Protection: the IT and freedom of information law of January 6, 1978.

Personal data belonging to Discount Passholders may be used and exchanged by Air France and its partners particularly with regard to Discount Pass operations. This data may be provided to the Discount Pass purchaser for global or individual statistical information, whether or not he/she is the named Passholder.

In addition, in order for Air France and its partners to offer products and services as well as for direct marketing or advertising purposes, your personal information may be exchanged in complete confidentiality between Air France and its partners, for their exclusive use, if you checked the appropriate boxes on the membership form.

You may request to be removed from the list of direct marketing contacts and may also access, modify, rectify or delete your own personal information at any time. For all requests, please write to Air France - JH.FJ - 30 Avenue Léon Gaumont 75985 Paris Cedex 20, France.
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