Travel in group

From 10 persons, Air France offers specific services to help you to organize your group travel,
wether it's a business or a pleasure trip, a sporting or a cultural event.

Group booking

Request a quote for a group (at least 10 persons)
Group fares may not be combined with other fares. A group is composed of at least 10 passengers travelling together on the same dates and flights.

A dedicated team with specific services

Air France offers you a dedicated team to organize your group travels.

Accustomed to the specific needs and constraints of this type of journey, our team is at your disposal to offer you:

  • a customized service,
  • a wide range of destinations to select among Air France, KLM, HOP or Delta flights.
Please note: you may combine flights like for example outbound flight with Air France and inbound flight with KLM.

A facilitated organization

By choosing to organize your travel with our Air France Group Service, we offer you a facilitated organization:

  • a negociated price, for all passengers in the group, regardless of your departure date
NB: fares shown on are dedicated to purchases for less than 10 persons and are subject to real time pricing
  • specific deadlines with the advantage of giving us the passenger list up to 30 days before departure and finalizing the payment 20 days before departure,
  • our dedicated team is at your disposal to assist you with all the steps of your booking and its possible changes (additional ticket, cancelation, baggages…).
New: Sharing Payment!
By choosing our ShareGroop partner as a payment solution, you allow each traveler in your group to pay for his/her ticket online.
There are many advantages: more information here.


How many baggage items can you bring? What is the size and weight limit for each baggage item?
Find here all information you need to prepare your baggage.
Sport equipment, music instruments, oversized/overweight baggage...
Special baggage can be accepted on board with specific rules.
Find here all information you need about special baggage.
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