Air France on Apple TV

Air France’s free app on Apple TV is a great incentive to travel!

Take off from your living room!

Browse the Air France universe from your couch on a big screen!
It's simple: from the App Store on your TV, download the free Air France application and travel without leaving your living room.

Discover the Apple TV experience in video.

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Travel by Air France

Explore our destinations with Travel by Air France, the essential guide for all curious, demanding and passionate travelers!

All your account

Are you a Flying Blue member? Find your account, your bookings, practical information about your destination to easily prepare your next trip.

Air France music

Escape by listening to exclusive podcasts from Air France Music: a selection of music, conducive to dreams and relaxation.
Where’s your next destination?
It is most likely among the 120 destinations in our Travel by Air France guide!

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