The treasures of Panama

Fly away to Panama City, the starting point of a colorful journey full of experiences.
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Starting Point: Panama City

Best known for its canal which of course is a major tourist attraction, Panama offers advantages that will make your trip a memorable one!
This city will surprise you with its culture (its renowned Jazz festival!), history and colors but also with its vibrant nightlife. The contrast between casco viejo and the modern city is unique.
The old town has preserved its original character and the contrast between the Casco Viejo and the skyscrapers of the modern city is unique.
No need to speak Spanish (official language) to enjoy a fresh cup of ceviche along the Amador Causeway or a delicious cocktail on a terrace with the gorgeous panorama at the Sunset!

Between Pacific and Atlantic oceans

Bordered by the Carribean Sea and the Pacific coast, you will find sandy beaches with varied landscapes and many outdoor activities.
Lovers of nature will enjoy a trip to the rainforest or to a sunny beach on one of the many islands of Panama (where the average temperature is 31°) like in the famous San Blas.

A breathtaking biodiversity

For hiking and nature fans, Panama is a paradise. It is a unique occasion to explore a rich biodiversity. In Panama, you can come across sloths and many endangered species such as the jaguar and the spider monkey!
More particularly off the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, it is not unusual to see dolphins.
If you are a birdwatcher or simply an amateur, a real Garden of Eden awaits you with more than 950 species.
Toucans , parrots, hummingbirds are within sight of everyone, even the majestic Quetzal, mythical bird of the Maya!

"Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring"

Discover the many wonders of this country, like the Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring, located higher, in a fresher area, around the picturesque village of Boquete, in Chiriqui province.
White-water rafting, horseback riding, visit of the Caldera petroglyphs and a thermal bath in a hot spring, the region has no shortage of attractive things to do!
Surrounded by coffee plantations, don't miss the occasion to taste one of the best arabicas of the world!
Continue the adventure in Chiriqui area, by climbing the Barù volcano: at its top you have the unique opportunity to admire the 2 oceans!

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Panama City
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