Le Pass

Do you often travel in France and Europe? Le Pass Air France is made for you!

With Le Pass, you'll get to create a bundle of pre-paid flights: your own pass. This will help you anticipate travel fees and save money. 
Choose the number of flights and the destinations, as well as the period of travel, and build the pass that fits you best.
And you can even share it with your friends, colleagues or family!
Book your travel dates later, pack your bag and fly whenever you like!
your Pass
Build a pass that fits what you want and need.
your budget
A fixed price that you'll know in advance, no matter the flights you choose.
The more flights you buy, the better the price per flight. Travel more, pay less!
your life
Organize your trips, savetime, book in just a few clicks. Simple and practical!
Adapt Le Pass
Customize your personal pass based on the following parameters.

  • Destination: choose one or many destinations from all of the Air France and HOP! routes in metropolitan France and Europe. 

  • Number of flights : choose the number of return trips you want (3 to 50 per person).

  • Flexibility : anticipate your purchase by booking your pass from 0 to 90 days before your next departure, depending on what you need. You decide for yourself which payment plan is the most convenient for you, be it paying immediately, at the time of each flight, or in multiple installments...
  • Number of people: you can select up to 9 people per flight.

  • Period of travel : the time during which you can use the pass ranges from 1 to 12 months.

Good plans

  • Choose one or more destinations in France or Europe ahead of time and create a personalized pass that fits what you want.

  • Save time and plan your trip, you already know how much your flights will cost, even in high season!

  • Flying Blue members can accumulate Miles and BlueBiz members can accumulate Blue Credits for each completed trip.

Save time and energy. Personalize Le Pass, it's easy!
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