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With Joon, flight attendants welcome you in smart casual attire for a flying experience that's both stylish and relaxed.

Flights within Europe

No matter your cabin...

Relax: your seat is reclinable. Adjust the headrest and let yourself relax. Plug in your phone so you won't lose power: each seat has an outlet.

Business cabin

Travel at the front of the plane to exit faster upon arrival. No one's sitting next to you, so you have space.

Intercontinental flights

We thank you for your patience, we'll be unveiling our new cabins very soon...

  • White sneakers required

    Our flight attendants will take care of you from boarding to landing, as their white sneakers help them quickly meet your needs. Stylish.

Can I choose my seat?

When you book, tell us if you prefer an aisle seat or a window seat: we'll do our best to meet your needs. Your seat number will be given to you during check-in but you can change it if you'd like. If you'd like to stretch your legs out in the plane, choose the Seat Plus option while purchasing your ticket, subject to availability on your flight.

What can I bring as baggage?

Your ticket determines the number of baggage items you can bring. During booking, you will have the chance to choose: no checked baggage if you travel light. You only pay for what you need. Carry-on baggage is always included!

Does the Flying Blue program apply to Joon?

Yes, flying with Joon lets you earn Miles. And you can use your Miles to buy a Joon ticket.

Can I use my Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum benefits on my Joon flight?

Yes, all benefits linked to your Flying Blue card are also valid on Joon flights.

Can I go to a lounge before my Joon flight?

If you travel in a Business cabin, or if you're a Flying Blue Gold or Platinum member, you have access to the Air France lounges or one of the lounges of its partners, no matter your departure airport (excluding Porto).