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What is the Weekend Pass?
The Weekend Pass is a non-transferable card valid for 1 year.
With the Weekend Pass fare, am I allowed checked baggage?
With the Weekend Pass, you benefit from services included in your ticket fare.
How can I benefit from the Weekend Pass fare?
To benefit from the Weekend Pass fare, your card must be valid and your trip must include at least 1 night from Saturday to Sunday.
Which routes can I use my Weekend Pass for?
You can use your Weekend Pass for HOP! and Air France routes, within metropolitan France, excluding Corsica and excluding seasonal routes.
Do I need to show my Weekend Pass at the airport?
No. You only need your Weekend Pass when booking your ticket.
Can I use my Weekend Pass for a one-way ticket?
No, you must book a return trip. Your trip must include at least 1 night from Saturday to Sunday.
How much discount do I get with the Weekend Pass?
With the Weekend Pass you get a 25% discount on the BASIC, BASIC+ and SMART fares.
Can I book a ticket online using my Weekend Pass and another fare?
No. Please contact our Sales team or go to an Air France ticket office for this type of booking.
Can a person under 18 years buy a Weekend Pass?
No, the Weekend Pass is intended for persons aged over 18 years only.
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