Air France Discount Passes

Thanks to our 3 Discount Passes, get discounts, travel facilities, more Miles and Blue Credits and exclusive SkyPriority service!

France‑Europe‑North Africa Discount Pass

Enjoy the advantages of the France‑Europe‑North Africa Discount Pass from €319* per year!

West Indies - French Guyana - Réunion Discount Pass

Enjoy the advantages of the West Indies‑French Guyana‑Réunion Discount Pass from €219* per year!

Combined Discount Pass

Enjoy both advantages of the France‑Europe‑North Africa Discount Pass and the West Indies‑French Guyana‑Réunion Discount Pass  with the Combined Discount Pass from €419* per year!

* Included fees of €20 apply for any purchase (new Pass or renewal) in an Air France point of sale, subject to change without notice.

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