Zo Café & Kitchen: the Mediterranean in India

Zo Café & Kitchen: the Mediterranean in India

At the heart of trendy Hauz Khas village, Zo Café & Kitchen serves Mediterranean food that draws from Italy and elsewhere.

In intimate, arty Hauz Khas village, an imposing wooden door hides a delicious restaurant called Zo Café & Kitchen.

Here, delightful Mediterranean cuisine offers a pleasant gastronomic journey from the boot of Italy to the Greek islands. You can feast on bruschetta, risotto, vegetable calzones, Greek salads, hummus (chickpea puree), tiramisu, and panna cotta. The decor is in the colours of the Eastern Mediterranean, creating a cosy, warm atmosphere. Pebble flooring, plain chairs and wooden tables, twinkling candles and chandeliers all contribute to a chic feeling. The cellar bar hosts live mini-concerts.

In just a few years, Zo Café & Kitchen has become very popular and highly regarded among Indian youth.

Zo Café & Kitchen
1, Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi
Delhi 110016

+91 (0)99 1118 5007

Menu: around 1,000 INR