Yakumo Saryo: a trip to the high point of culinary design

Yakumo Saryo: a trip to the high point of culinary design

In the residential neighbourhood of Meguro, head to Yakumo Saryo, created by master Japanese designer Shinichiro Ogata from Studio Simplicity, for an extraordinary meal.

Shinichiro Ogata offers a unique menu of high-flying gastronomy melding tradition and modernity. Design on the plates and pleasure in your mouth, this delicious, nirvana-inspiring cuisine leads to the famous 'wabi-sabi' experience, the quintessence of the aesthetic combination of nature and spirituality.

On the menu, ten little dishes, an exquisite kaiseki with a dessert at the end of the meal, all an artistic performance. Lunch is served in a wood-decorated room under a soft natural light with a view on the garden. You can also lunch in the kitchen, which has been converted into a dining room, where some dishes are prepared before your amused eyes. At the end of this tasty diversion, you leave with a little booklet listing the different fare on the menu.

The restaurant also includes a pastry shop, which sells Japanese sweets, and an art gallery where you can purchase sculptures made by Ogata himself. The restaurant is open to the public only for breakfast, lunch and tea. Evening meals are reserved for members or private events.

Yakumo Saryo
3-4-7 Yakumo
152-0023 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 5731 1620


Menu: around 8,000 JPY