Xinghai Concert Hall: a cultural landmark

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Xinghai Concert Hall: a cultural landmark

This concert hall hosts the city's most prestigious events and rivals the best symphony venues in the world.

The Chinese seek to make their love of music known to the world. When in Guangzhou, don't miss any opportunity to see something at the Xinghai Concert Hall, which attracts the biggest international names in orchestral music, jazz, and dance.

On the banks of Ersha Island, in a beautiful sculpture park, the edifice stands out for its incredible triangular glass facade in which, as in a river, the sky is reflected. Three rooms are dedicated to concerts: the philharmonic hall has 1,437 seats; the chamber-music hall has 462 seats; and the auditorium has 96 seats.

The philharmonic hall is beloved by all virtuosi for its superb acoustics and a sound system that amplifies the music without in any way interfering with it.

Xinghai Concert Hall
33 Qingbo Road
Yuexiu District

+86 (0)20 87353869