Winemaking at Quinta da Pacheca

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Winemaking at Quinta da Pacheca

The Quinta da Pacheca is a gorgeous vineyard in the Douro Valley. It offers you a unique experience: make your own wine according to ancient traditions.

'Pacheca'. About 120 km from Porto, the name of the estate stands proudly on Quinta da Pacheca's wrought iron gate. It comes from the Pacheco family, who owned the land in the 1700s. Three centuries later, port wine is still being produced. From generation to generation, wine has consistently been made using unique craft and savoir-faire, which you will learn about during the two months of grape harvest.
For a few days, the estate offers you to live the life of a winegrower of yesteryears. Pick up bunches of grapes, stomp them while singing folk songs and cask the wine to start the ageing process. At the end of your stay, you will know everything about the various port and regular wines of the Douro Valley. Tastings are planned on each session, during which aromas and flavours of each drink are being explained.

Quinta da Pacheca
Rua do Relógio do Sol 261
5100-424 Lamego

+351 25 433 1229