Westminster Abbey: a rendezvous with history

Westminster Abbey: a rendezvous with history

Built in the 11th century and rebuilt in 1245, Westminster Abbey marks the important moments of the British royalty, from coronations to weddings and funerals.

In this majestic Gothic church, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, married Catherine Middleton in 2011; 14 years previously, he had come here with other family and friends to say goodbye to his mother, Lady Diana. So goes the life and times of Westminster Abbey, a fixture on momentous occasions in the lives of the royal family. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, Westminster Abbey, whose formal name is the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, also houses the tombs of many prominent British figures from Isaac Newton to Charles Darwin.

Do not miss the “Poets' Corner” where monuments are erected to the glory of writers such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Rudyard Kipling, and the abbey museum, housed in the vaulted crypt of Saint Peter, one of the oldest parts of the church.

A visit here is still a must during a stay in the British capital, as Westminster Abbey is steeped in history. Photographs are prohibited inside this sacred place.

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