Wasteland, temple of vintage clothing

Wasteland, temple of vintage clothing

From Marc Jacobs to Vivienne Westwood, designers of all stripes come to check out the boutique that brought on the vintage moment.

A reaction to ‘institutions' of all kinds brought about the thrift shop trend in the 1970s. A dozen years ago the vintage movement began. The difference between vintage and retro? Vintage styles are throwbacks to the1960s. This trend emerged in Los Angeles where Joe Swinney and Cheryl Cohen had their first shop before opening the one in San Francisco. They have a predilection for hippie clothes and rock outfits, but also western styles.

You should avoid the total look. To do so, vintage pieces have to be mixedin: a belt, a shirt, a skirt, can be worn with your brand-new jeans for instance. The idea is to create your own style and to be unique; nobody should look just like you. You can sell your clothing at Wasteland too. If you are interested in the fashion world, know that many designers and stylists come here to seek inspiration for their own collections.

1660 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

+1 415 863 3150