Visiting the old town via its art galleries

Visiting the old town via its art galleries

Nice has been a muse throughout its rich history and is still a major source of vitality and inspiration in the Riviera artistic landscape.

There are a great number of art galleries, famous and discreet, that line the maze of narrow streets. At the beginning of your walk, the Ferrero Gallery continues the mission given it by its founder, which was to exhibit the new leaders of the School of Nice. Compared to the activity in full swing on the street outside, the space evokes a sanctuary.

Back on the boardwalk, follow the palms and you should not miss the Marine Gallery. Considered the laboratory of contemporary art in Nice, this space is transformed at the whim of the young artists from Nice who exhibit there.

You still have time? The workshop-gallery of Sylvie T. a little higher in the neighbourhood, will complete your walk-in style. This painter sketches the story of her travels in colourful watercolours. Passionate and enthusiastic about her city, she will be happy to share her past with you in the pastel tones of Nice.

Galerie de la Marine
59 quai des États-Unis
06300 Nice

Galerie Ferrero
6 rue du Congrès
06000 Nice

Atelier-galerie Sylvie T.
14 rue Droite
06300 Nice