Visiting the Domaine de l'Étoile, on horseback or quad

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Visiting the Domaine de l'Étoile, on horseback or quad

A full day of pleasure and natural riches awaits you at the largest private domain on the island, with indigenous forests, lush valleys, crystalline water, and great activities.

Hats on, sunscreen, water bottle – all is ready for an adventurous day outdoors, on horseback at that. Once in the saddle, you may start off at a gentle trot while others gallop through the intensely coloured landscapes.

A rise may slow them down, but not for long as the valley offers an unlimited horizon that is far too tempting. For those who prefer motor transport, there are quad excursions on trails that are more or less steep, guaranteeing the promise of an unforgettable experience.

The adventure is not limited to daytime, so you may prolong your discoveries in the dark under a sparkling sky and perhaps catch a wild boar or deer in your headlights…

Domaine de l'Étoile
Sebastopol - B27

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