Visit the Seattle Aquarium with Little Ones

Visit the Seattle Aquarium with Little Ones

Entertaining and scientific journey into the heart of the Pacific's marine life.

Located on the seafront, the Seattle Aquarium is devoted to the conservation of fish and marine mammals. Since its opening over 40 years ago, the oceanographic park is continually upgrading their facilities. The path is very well thought-out, between the various tanks and discovery areas. Many local species of underwater fauna, such as salmon, sea anemones and a variety of scorpion fish from the North Pacific were introduced in one of the largest aquariums, containing nearly 550,000 litres of water.
The aquarium carries on a two-fold mission: protecting the most threatened species and educating the general public. For this purpose, divers enter the tanks several times a day to answer a myriad of visitors' questions. The Seattle Aquarium is also involved in several initiatives to come to the rescue of sea turtles as well as coral, which is strongly impacted by the effects of global warming.

Seattle Aquarium
1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59
98101 Seattle

+1 206 386 4300