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Visit Sartene

Sartene inspired the writings of Prosper Mérimée, and it is easy to understand why, as, perched high above the Monte Rosso and overlooking the Rizzanese valley, it is stunningly beautiful.

Its granite constructions give the village of Sartene an edge-of-the-world air. Enjoy the unobstructed views at the Jardin de l'Échauguette, a delicious restaurant by the fortress wall. In the shade of its lush garden, food and view are equally magnificent.

Keep on exploring the region and discover the archaeological site of Cauria, an impressive collection of menhirs and dolmens, located about 15 kilometres further south to the sea.

Do not miss the chance to try the baths at Caldane, some 15 kilometres away, only northeast of Sartene this time: this slightly sulphurous hot spring has therapeutic and relaxing properties. The water comes to the surface at 38°C (100°F), and the baths are arranged in blocks of granite surrounded by nature: this is a wellness experience that should not exceed 20 minutes a day.

Bains de Caldane
20112 Sainte-Lucie de Tallano
+33 (0)4 95 77 00 34

Le Jardin de l'Échauguette
Place de la Viardola
20100 Sartène
+33 (0)6 20 40 71 49