VIP Lunch at the Royal Palm Beach Bar

VIP Lunch at the Royal Palm Beach Bar

At the Beach Bar, the simplicity of the name is an illusion. Here, in the shade of a large almond tree, lunch is truly a moment of grace.

The long branches of the almond tree seem to stretch effortlessly to protect you from the sun. Before you, the lagoon sparkles on the horizon.

At the helm of the kitchens is a talented and inventive French chef who in the space of 10 years, has become a true Mauritian. Michel de Matteis, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF, or Best Craftman in his field) in 1991, former chef of the Dome of the Mirabeau Hotel in Monaco, has anchored himself in the heart of the Indian Ocean to reinterpret French cuisine with Mauritian colours and flavours. Thanks to local, fresh, and rigorously sourced ingredients, he offers spaghetti in bouillabaisse fish stock, a tuna, sesame and ginger tartare, prawns and wild lean fish, gently cooked on the grill. For dessert, end on a fresh note with vanilla-chocolate mini ice creams.

And if you want something else, ask for it. Whether you are a star or an ordinary person, there's no difference. At the Royal Palm, the service staff respond to all the client's whims and quirks.

Beach Bar - Royal Palm
Royal Road
Grand Bay

+230 209 8300

Menu: around 2,250 MUR