Villa VictorHugo:sunlight and shadow

Villa VictorHugo:sunlight and shadow

Victor Hugo Villa welcomes you with a beautiful Belle Époque facade, promising a stylish stay.

Although located just a stone's throw from the lively Place Massena, the villa offers a healthy and serene setting that exudes tranquillity. Your hosts, Stephanie and Vincent Prieux, have elevated hospitality to an art, thanks to customised service. The decor is contemporary and predominately white, presented in many shades (grey, off-white, pale and pure).

The result is an aesthetic that inspires meditation or inspiration, depending on your mood. As its name suggests, the hotel is placed under the patronage of Victor Hugo, the father of modern French poetry. His verse and most piercing thoughts also sign the immaculate corridors of the hotel in black and ephemeral, handwritten letters. You will find his entire literary universe in the rooms.

Some contain a few surprises, like the one whose window overlooks the Gothic bell tower of the Reformed Church of Nice.

Villa Victor Hugo
19 bis, boulevard Victor-Hugo
06000 Nice

+33 (0)9 75 18 92 78

Rooms: from 80EUR