Up above an old stone quarry

Up above an old stone quarry

At Pont-Aven, discover the total tranquillity of the tree houses of La Carri'air.

On the hills of Pont-Aven is a former quarry. It feels remote with its steep cliffs giving way to a moor that eventually becomes wooded. Here, near trembling mountain peaks, you will find two cabins designed like lodges, called Carri'air. Completely independent, these charming retreats are extremely comfortable and private.

The first, for families, is full of childhood reminiscences, decorated with antiques and vibrant colours. The second is popular with lovebirds. This romantic getaway, chic, rustic, and immaculately decorated, features a bath with a view. Below both cabins are summer kitchens, sheltered and open, with a patio. And this is an unusual detail: breakfasts are served on the cabin terraces via a pulley. Your only visitor will be the occasional fox or deer crossing the quarry.

La Carri'air
19, rue Sainte-Marguerite
29930 Pont-Aven

+33 (0)6 12 37 28 90


Rooms: from 119 EUR