Unusual nights with Jules Verne

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Unusual nights with Jules Verne

For those who love originality, this address is a must.

Surprising and unusual are the two characteristics of the apartments and the XL room located opposite the big elephant from the Ile de Nantes.

In one of the most splendid buildings in the city on the Quai de la Fosse, three accommodations tracing the life of famous writer Jules Verne offer a unique experience in terms of decor. 'From the Earth to the Moon', 'Extraordinary Journeys' and 'Night' were designed by the decorator Yann Falquero, which evoke here the fantastic imagination of the writer. The Jules Verne's 'souplex, bedroom (a duplex with a ground floor and a basement) is a real plunge into history. The kitchen is in a rocket, and children sleep above in a spaceship. Objects and books surround you, making it feel like home.

The concept is somewhere between a hotel room and a guesthouse, and a great opportunity for shared memories, especially since the three apartments can be joined into a single space.

Plateau Jules Verne
86 quai de la Fosse
44100 Nantes

+33 (0)6 38 44 49 98


Rooms: from 90 EUR