Ubatuba: the surf capital

Ubatuba: the surf capital

You can almost hear the roar of its rollers from São Paulo. These waves attract so many surfers that Ubatuba has become the capital of surfing.

Here, even the bus stops are named for waves. Yet when you arrive, after a four-hour drive from São Paulo, the sea appears calm. If you go down a little further south to Praia Grande and Praia Toninhas, you can play caliente on a beach that seems infinite, and whose sand is luxuriously warm. However, if you go back north, get ready for thrills. Walking on the narrow path through the forest, it's the sound of rollers that guides you.

The average height of the waves? About two metres. If you do not have a board, you can rent one on site, and also take private lessons. You can spend your weekend living in a colourful hippie bungalow facing the sea. If you go back to town, the main street is lined with hotels, restaurants, and bars where surfers like to meet around a beer, which is comforting after the physical effort of riding the waves.

Also note that the chocolate cake and apple pie are delicious at Café-Bistro Felix.