Try Mexican street food

Try Mexican street food

Enjoy tacos, torta, and chorizo quesadillas in street stalls, and discover real local cuisine.

There are thousands of taquerias (taco restaurants) in Mexico City. They serve tamales, quesadillas, elotes (corn on the cob cooked over a wood fire), chapulines (roasted grasshoppers), and other very local specialities.

When you come to Mexico City you must try these. Many of these gourmet food stands are found in markets such as the Mercado de Allende, in the Coyoacán neighbourhood, where you will be overwhelmed by all the fresh juices, typical sandwiches, traditional churros, and other hot dishes. Taco lovers must try tacos al pastor (stuffed with pineapple and pork) as a change from classic recipes with beef, chicken, or fish. Never fear, taquerias always serve surprising, ultra-fresh cuisine: the proof is in the long queues where tourists and people finishing their workday mingle with labourers, families, and hipsters.

Keep your eye out for taquerias with the longest queues, as they are often the best. Please note, taquerias open at dawn and close when they've run out of food. Go early.