Treat yourself to the best pad thai at Ghost Gate

Treat yourself to the best pad thai at Ghost Gate

The emblematic dish of popular Thai cuisine, the pad thai from this little restaurant has been attracting fans for years.

Food stands and stalls are found on every major street in Bangkok, heaped with brochettes on smoking hot braziers. The star street dish is pad thai, and its temple is unquestionably Ghost Gate (also called “Thip Samai”), a canteen with little allure that draws, from 5:00 pm onwards, crowds of regulars and connoisseurs.

A dozen cooks man the braziers and assemble the best rice noodles in the city, sun dried, cooked to perfection, and topped with fresh chopped coriander, peanuts, fried vegetables, and a dozen or more delicious specialties with shrimp, tofu, chicken, or leeks.

Eat it on the spot at the counter, elbow to elbow with a scrum of locals, or get it as takeaway. Be careful, though, because if the experience is authentic, so is the pad thai. That is to say, it is seriously spicy.

Ghost Gate (Thip Samai)
313 Thanon Mahachai
Phra Nakorn

+66 (0)2 221 6280

Menu: around 100 THB