Travel by bike

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Travel by bike

For the Dutch, the bicycle is the ideal mode of transport. Do as they do: discover the city on two wheels.

Cars are not recommended for visiting Amsterdam, and the price of parking is very high. In all seasons, the bike is queen here everyone, whether a child or a retiree, owns one.

For a visitor, bicycles are easily rented, providing the perfect means for discovering the different neighbourhoods of the city. You will ride along canals and cross flower-covered bridges, and you will discover parks in which to rest after pedalling. In order to safely enjoy your wanderings, it is recommended that you strictly respect traffic regulations: drive on the right side of the road, obey all signs, and, in particular, be alert at tramway crossings because they can be dangerous.

Also, be sure to securely lock your bike whenever you stop, even if just to take a photo, or it may quickly disappear.