Trastevere: taking Rome's pulse

Trastevere: taking Rome's pulse

Off the beaten path, a ways away from chaotic town centre, Trastevere is as warm and colourful as the Roman people, for whom this is a favourite neighbourhood.

Visiting Rome is an art best practiced with a guide, or at least a healthy dose of patience, for the crowds can get pretty thick around the most popular monuments and tourist traps are omnipresent. To get to one of the most picturesque areas, where you can enjoy some respite and authenticity, you have to cross the Tiber, literally ‘trastevere', to get to Trastevere.

Incredibly charming, this district has a village atmosphere that will disarm and seduce you. Clothing lines crisscrossing a maze of colourful alleys, cobblestone squares… there are so many inviting places to sit and watch the flow of people around you. The typical Roman trattorias in this inviting neighbourhood offer an ideal setting for this moment of relaxation. Unless you prefer to get lost here at dusk, after the streetlights turn on. An enchanting atmosphere is guaranteed, especially at this hour, when the neighbourhood comes alive, driven by the energy of young Romans who are at once cheeky, not-at-all bobo, and ever-so-friendly.

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