Time to meditate at the Japanese Tea Garden

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Time to meditate at the Japanese Tea Garden

Head over to the Golden Gate Park to discover this haven of rest and taste a delicious drop of tea.

Opened in 1894, this Japanese tea garden is the oldest in the United States and was created by famous landscape gardener Makoto Hagiwara. According to legend, he invented the famed Chinese fortune cookies here for the 1915 Exposition. Make sure you come and taste them, along with an authentic Japanese tea. Before partaking in the tea ceremony, you can wash your hands in a small basin in the form of a boat right near the shop.
Bonsais, ponds, pagodas, stone lanterns, zen gardens and tea shops, allare set out in pure Japanese style. You can even admire an impressive 10-feet (3 meters) high bronze Buddha statue that was made in Japan in 1790.

Japanese Tea Garden
75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118

+1 415 752 4227