Thrilling greyhound races at the Shelbourne Park racetrack

Thrilling greyhound races at the Shelbourne Park racetrack

A popular institution in Ireland, greyhound racing is a favourite Irish entertainment.

On weekend evenings, at around 8:00 pm, the streets are empty before a few crestfallen stragglers suddenly amass, heading toward the local stadium. Follow them!

As soon as you arrive, an explanatory booklet is given to you. It explains the rules of the races, the participants and the rates. The Marquis, Black Bull, Windy-Go, Beth the Fireball: it's fun enough just to read the flashy nicknames of the local stars. Allow about 10 races, each lasting a minute. Go for an evening and enjoy a pint and chips. Cheer on dogs whose nicknames have delighted your heart. Between each race, in their tin huts, busy bookmakers put on a show and shout predictions to the crowd. Take the bait! When the dogs are released, passions ignite: bettors urge their favourites on by the strength of their clamour. By the second race, when the starting gun goes off, you'll be prancing with excitement.

Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium
S Lottls Rd
Dublin 4

+353 (1) 61 448 080