The Westin Palace: on the heels of Rita Hayworth

The Westin Palace: on the heels of Rita Hayworth

Under its huge stained-glass dome, the Westin Palace adds to its starscape with a star-studded clientele.

The Westin Palace is VIP Madrid. Rita Hayworth, Marlon Brando, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso stayed there in the past, and you're likely to run into a few more celebrities during your stay. This is indeed a palace in the centre of the city, as beautiful and authentic as you could dream. Chic and expensive, of course, it attracts international jet setters, who are also drawn to its Loewe jewellery boutique. It has 467 rooms and suites, and several restaurants, including the landmark Rotonda, plus bars, a beauty salon, and a fitness room. An enormous Art Deco ocean liner of a hotel, it was commissioned by King Alfonso XIII in 1912, and is topped by a huge stained-glass dome.

The Westin Palace, Madrid
Plaza de las Cortes, 7
28014 Madrid

+34 913 608 000

Rooms: from 237 EUR