The Tropicana: party under the stars

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The Tropicana: party under the stars

Joyous sensuality and kitsch combine in this institution dating from 1939, a survivor of the revolution.

Imagine a flood of feathers, a profusion of glitter, frenzied dancers, and heady music, all under starry skies in the middle of lush tropical gardens.

The Tropicana club and cabaret opened on 1 January 1939. The biggest stars in show business performed here, from Josephine Baker to Nat King Cole. In the 1950s it was also a casino: gamblers placed bets under the Crystal Arch, a stunning glass ceiling covering the players without depriving them of the spectacular view of the sky.

An iconic place of Cuban music and culture, the Tropicana proposes outdoor soirées, where you will savour, in addition to the delicious cocktails, the exuberance of the rhythms, the splendour of the costumes, and the magic of the colours.

Calle 72 A
11500 Marianao

+53 7 267 1717