The timeless and must-see Cigale

The timeless and must-see Cigale

Opposite the Graslin Theatre, this 1900-style brasserie, one of the world's finest, has been a meeting place for notables in the arts and entertainment worlds for more than a century.

The Cigale, one of the city's proudest landmarks, is a great place to start your discovery of Nantes and its town centre. An Art Nouveau temple with a rich and vibrant character; it has been open since 1895.

The work of architect and ceramist Émile Libaudière, it has been listed as a heritage building since 1964, and the number of visitors who come especially for the decor are legion. All night long, there is a never-ending stream of regulars and passing visitors who come to sample traditional cuisine such as steak tartar, seasonal dishes, revisited classic recipes and seafood, while taking in the painted wood panels, the ceilings with their rich ornaments, the bevelled mirrors and sculptures. From breakfast to dinner or after a show, the obvious address in the heart of town to see and be seen in a Parisian-style brasserie ambiance is, without hesitation, the Cigale.

An oyster shucker and a tearoom with delicious pastries complete the tableau.

La Cigale
4 place Graslin
44000 Nantes

+33 (0)2 51 84 94 94

Menu: around 35 EUR