The Singapore Zoo Night Safari: a unique exploration

The Singapore Zoo Night Safari: a unique exploration

At the world's first night zoo, discover the lives of the most feared animals in Southeast Asia.

Darkness falls on this rainforest, and dampness infuses the air. Save the little train ride for later start instead with the walking tour, during which you'll meet 130 species of animals.

Dive into the heart of the Australian jungles on the new Wallaby Trail where, after frightening encounters with night predators like the white-lipped python, you can relax again, surrounded by playful kangaroos and possums. Open your eyes very wide and you might catch a glimpse of some grey frogmouths, night birds that are the kings of camouflage. Then start off on the Fishing Cat Trail, where you can watch the fishing cat perform the art of night fishing to perfection.

You'll have never walked so close to the largest and most fearsome jungle feline than you will on the Leopard Trail and the East Lodge Trail: Malaysian tigers, Sri Lankan leopards and the famous king of the jungle, the Gir Lion. A journey into the animal world in the heart of the city, this is a completely unique nocturnal expedition.

Singapore Zoo Night Safari
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