The Seonjeongneung burial grounds: UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Seonjeongneung burial grounds: UNESCO World Heritage Site

A site loaded with history and poetry, enjoyed in the morning by those who come to exercise.

The most emblematic figures of the Joseon Dynasty are entombed in a forest park in the heart of Gangnam.

After 519 years of rule, from the 14th to the 20th century, the royal line is anchored deeply in the landscape of Korea. During your walk you will discover majestic tombs, those of the ninth king Seonjong, his third wife Jeonghyeon and Jungjong, 11th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, marked by stone animals, symbols of royal power and protectors from evil spirits. Seonjong marked a prosperous era in Korea. Under his reign, great cultural, political, and economic advances we're made. In autumn, the landscape is especially beautiful. We meet, at bends in the paths, elderly people, who come early in the morning to take advantage of this haven of peace.

To help you to understand the scope of these relics, a small museum recounts the history of these kings, and those in the three tombs between here and Gangnam.

Tombes Seonjeongneung
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