The Scotch Whisky Experience: a museum of whisky

The Scotch Whisky Experience: a museum of whisky

To discover the history, production, and taste of the Scottish national drink, go to this temple dedicated to single malts.

You cannot visit Edinburgh without sampling its famous whisky. Located on the Royal Mile, in a former school, The Scotch Whisky Experience offers a playful, enlightening, and tasty introduction to this divine nectar. You travel in a special whiskey barrel car, which takes you through the different steps and manufacturing processes. The interactive ride-available in 15 languages-teaches you all about whisky fermentation, distillation, and maturation.
Finally, the long-awaited moment: the tasting. You will sample up to four different whiskies-always in moderation, of course! Use your sense of smell and try to slowly pinpoint the various aromas of this local speciality. In the adjacent room, through a glass wall, you will find the largest collection of Scotch whisky in the world, consisting of 3,500 bottles, some of which are stored, under guard, in an ultramodern safe.

The Scotch Whisky Experience
354 Castlehill
The Royal Mile
Edinburgh EH1 2NE

+44 131 220 0441