The Royal Palace: a must-see

The Royal Palace: a must-see

Formerly the mayor's office, the Royal Palace is now only used for official receptions. It still holds treasures from the Golden Age.

Built in the 17th century by architect Jacob van Campen, this classically austere construction was intended to be Amsterdam's city hall.

On the roof, a statue representing Peace holds an olive branch, accompanied by Prudence and Justice. A symbol of the city's prosperity, this imposing building became a royal palace when Napoleon put his brother Louis on the throne.

Louis changed the layout and had a balcony installed on the facade. The interior, which is easy to get lost in, is absolutely splendid: decorated rooms, sculptures, paintings, and statues…

Don't miss the small courtroom in which the death penalty used to be handed down, the community hall built into the foundation, the justice chambers, or the city council room. The style and architecture represent the Dutch Golden Age very well.

Royal Palace
Dam Square
1012 NP Amsterdam

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