The Roman Forum, spectacle of life under the Republic

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The Roman Forum, spectacle of life under the Republic

As famous as the Coliseum, the remains of the Forum Romanum evoke the city's prestigious past: an outdoor history lesson!

Entering into the heart of ancient Rome involves a detour through the Roman Forum, a mythical place in the Republic, inextricably linked to moments of its history and the life of its citizens. Epicentre of all powers religious, political, and judicial this is where the Curia was, where the Senate sat. It was home to the Temple of Vesta, in which burned continuously the sacred fire, the symbol of the city's permanence; and the Rostra, the tribune from which political harangues were addressed to the people.

It was a place of activity and life par excellence, where Romans hung out, conducted business, listened to speakers, attended major religious ceremonies and triumphs, and heard major policy decisions, taken in the interest of a common destiny. You might be somewhat confused contemplating what remains: the ruins have no real architectural unity, and the ensemble is confused and anarchic. Above all, don't think of this as proof of any disorganisation, but, on the contrary, the trace of continual, swarming activity, and of constant expansion. Such as are found in all places of life.

The Roman Forum
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