The road to the beaches : sun and white sand

The road to the beaches : sun and white sand

With 2,500 kilometres of Pacific coastline, Peru is a true paradise that celebrates surfing, beach, and sun.

After discovering the countless treasures of Peru, it's time to kick back and relax. Take the road along the Pacific coast to Ancon, a small fisherman's cove with a modern spa resort.

The sea here is perfect for swimming: the vast bay of El Silencio has clear, calm waters. Punta Rocas, a favourite surfing beach, hosts the national championships. The people of Lima like the festive atmosphere of Punta Hermosa. Its three small sandy coves and many terraces come alive on weekends. The great resort town of Bartolo stands out with a rocky shoreline, slapped with strong waves.

Frequented by the gilded youth is the famous Avenue Asia, at Kilometre 97 of the Panamericana Highway South, with its chic private beaches.