The Réserve Rimbaud: a starred getaway by the river

starred restaurant
The Réserve Rimbaud: a starred getaway by the river

In the kitchen, real luxury sometimes comes from simplicity.

There are obvious reasons for the good fortune of this place, as it is suspended between a mirror of water and an outdoor theatre of green. Certainly, the beauty of the setting is not its only source of success, but what a setting! It is every bit as remarkable as chef Charles Fontès' cuisine, which has been awarded a Michelin star.

You may succumb to vertigo, but it will not stem from the impression of levitation or the proximity of the moving waters of the Lez below the sun-drenched terrace, rather from the gustatory pleasure that will titillate your taste buds when you try the marinated sardines in tomato vinegar, oysters and caviar, octopus with basil or roasted turbot in fish stew juice, orange-flavoured fennel and light rust. For dessert, let the strawberries in crispy shell, black pepper and olive oil surprise you. Whatever the chef feels like on any given day, he always favours simple and regional products that he loves to work with, transform, modify and yet never alter. A real sleight of hand.

La Réserve Rimbaud
820 avenue Saint-Maur
34000 Montpellier

+33 (0)4 67 72 52 53

Menus: around 32 EUR, 40 EUR and 95 EUR