The Real Mary King's Close: a voyage through time

The Real Mary King's Close: a voyage through time

Explore a world of mystery just steps from the Royal Mile. Right under the South Bridge arches, you will actually find a genuine medieval maze.

The present city having been built over the old, it is possible to go back in time by descending into Edinburgh's bowels. The underground areas provide exact 'photographs' of Edinburgh as it was in the 16th century. A few feet below the surface, accompanied by an erudite guide, you will encounter a forgotten medieval city, the “Close”, surprisingly hidden under the town's liveliest street. The guides are unbeatable: full of stories and anecdotes, with each-don't worry- possessed of a flawless sense of direction! A strange world awaits you, with its rather frightening maze of streets. Yet this is where the locals lived and worked, from the 16th century well into the 19th century. The place is cold, dark, and maybe even haunted... hence the many myths and legends surrounding it. On your way, you may witness that The Real Mary King's Close is revived by actors in period costumes, telling the stories of its inhabitants. An unforgettable visit!

The Real Mary King's Close
2 Warriston's Close
High Street
Edinburgh EH1 1PG

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