The Qvest: rest your head in the archives

The Qvest: rest your head in the archives

The old city archives building is now a designer hotel. Fall asleep in the past and wake up in the present.

In the shadow of St. Gereon's Basilica, the Neo-Gothic facade of this 1897 building makes it look like a convent. And it's true that an almost religious silence reigned here when it still housed the city archives. Transformed and renovated, it now houses a designer hotel. With furniture by Arne Jacobsen and Charles and Ray Eames, to name a few, the decor packs serious designer clout.

The past meets the present with elegance under works of contemporary art and photography. Among the 34 rooms and suites, all different, some have ceiling heights bordering on six metres. The Suite Lounge even has a piano, and if you look up, you'll see a ceiling echoing the 14th-century.

As for the bathrooms, they are covered in tiles from the Paris metro. Everything aligns perfectly with the aesthetic temperament of Michael Kaune, the editor of the German fashion and culture magazine Qvest.

The Qvest
Gereonsklester 12
5 0670 Cologne

+49 (0)221 278 5780

Rooms: from 140 EUR