The Planalto Palace: glass and concrete

The Planalto Palace: glass and concrete

Opened on April 21, 1960, the Planalto Palace is the official seat of the President of Brazil.

The slender columns covered with white marble, which support the white concrete roof of the Planalto Palace, magnify the building's balance. You find, in the supreme court facing it, the same order of pillars and facades slightly at a remove, which creates an architectural unity. ‘Your columns will make beautiful ruins', exclaimed André Malraux in 1959.

Similarly, the columns still offer the illusion that the Planalto Palace, fully renovated in 2010, only touches the ground with a tiny part of its structure. You may also notice its impressive access ramp, on which foreign heads of state are greeted, leading to the main entrance, before strolling in the park with its right-angled basins.

On Sundays, guided tours allow you to access the interiors of the headquarters of Brazilian executive power. On the square facing it are the sculptor Bruno Giorgi's figures, Os Candangos a tribute to the workers who came to build the city.

Palácio do Planalto
Praça dos Três Poderes
Brasília 70150-900

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