The Pescatore: a mandatory stopover

The Pescatore: a mandatory stopover

On Trou aux Biches beach in the north, a Mauritian restaurant has earned an international reputation. At Pescatore, fresh sea food and local produce are served with taste, originality, and passion.

From the beach, you can just make out a colonial style terrace in front of the large white open shutters. Lunch amidst the blue of the Indian Ocean is a promising prospect.

Looking up between bites, you might cast a glance around, just for a moment, so as to assure yourself that paradise is still there. The delights of the menu include freshly grilled calamari with parmesan emulsion, prawns and peanut oil, peppers, tomato and crab ‘gaspacchio', and lobster with ginger and lemongrass.

For dessert, a roasted Victoria pineapple with lassi ice cream.

The Pescatore
Coastal Road
Trou aux Biches

+230 265 6973

Menu: arounds 2,200 MUR