The outside sale lot of the Brattle Book Shop

The outside sale lot of the Brattle Book Shop

One of the oldest and largest antiquarian bookshops in America, the Brattle ‘specialises in not specialising'. Three floors and the outside lot can barely contain its books and collectibles.

As it is home to some of the most important universities in the country, it's no wonder that Boston has very good used bookstores. None tops the Brattle Book Shop. This family-run business near the Boston Common opened in 1825. Since then, its catalogue has considerably expanded, so much so that the original storefront can't hold all the books… so owner Ken Gloss moved out onto the street, appropriating an impasse between two red brick buildings. Books sit on shelves that climb the high walls or in boxes on every available square inch of the ground. In all there are some 250,000 old, rare, and used books, magazines, maps, prints, postcards, and ephemera in the store's inventory. There is something for everyone, guaranteed.

Brattle Book Shop
9 West Street
Boston, MA 02111

+1 617 542 0210