The “Nouvelle Liberté” statue, hope of a new generation

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The “Nouvelle Liberté” statue, hope of a new generation

In the Deido district of Douala, a colossal monument dressed in metal has been erected. Bizarre, unexpected and surprising… Who is it?

This massive 40-feet high and 16-feet wide sculpture that weights eight tonnes has been erected on the Deido roundabout. Built out of scrap metal on a sheet metal structure with domestic and industrial ladders, all tied together with copper wire, the work has little by little evolved from a curiosity to recognition status by the entire city.
Born in Bamendjou, plastic artist Joseph-Francis Sumégné started working on the statue in July 1996. Poorly understood at the beginning and with controversial origins, La Nouvelle Liberté (“New Liberty”) sought to find its place in the heart of Douala. Completed eleven years later, the statue has belonged, since its inauguration in 2007, to the municipality of which it has become the emblem. Balancing on one leg, the metal man is carrying a globe and reaches out to bless all Cameroonians, encouraging each and every one to build a better community out of whatever they have on hand.

Deido Roundabout
Downtown Douala