The Nice Excelsior: where the rooms are like a journey…

The Nice Excelsior: where the rooms are like a journey…

Barely having had time to tread down the cobblestones of Nice, the Nice Excelsior is there to welcome you to the cosy atmosphere of its Belle Époque building.

Back from your walk, the facade of the building will indeed draw your attention. However, what you need for relaxation is the private garden of the hotel, which features many attractions, such as a pond surrounded with Mediterranean species. There is also a patio open from 5:00 p.m. whose warm terrace is a fine place to await the evening.

Each room has its own postcard theme and colour. In addition to offering all the comfort you would expect of such a place, you will appreciate the French windows that perfectly filter out the strong rays of the Nice sun.

The beds are fabulous, while some features may make you smile, like the night tables, for example, which are reminiscent of old travel trunks, or the well-chosen literary quotations, discreet and touching odes to the Nice region.

Nice Excelsior Hotel
19 avenue Durante
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 88 18 05

Rooms: from 111 EUR